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Bona Petit
Have you ever been at home hungry with nothing to do? Now you will never face that problem again. Making lasagna is an easy and fun way to satisfy your boredom and your hunger. There are just a few tasks; however, they need to be done with perfection in order to achieve an excellent flaw free lasagna. From going to the store, to buying the right ingredients, and to cooking the noodles just right, everything must be precise. If the steps are not followed correctly, it may result in the a flaw with the lasagna. This is a classic meat and cheese affair, and is something the whole family will enjoy.

The first and possibly most important step to making the lasagna is going to the grocery store and purchasing all the best quality ingredients. In order to achieve the most respectable and best tasting lasagna you will need to splurge on high quality goods. Drive yourself to the nearest Albertsons, Vons, or Ralphs to begin the shopping process. As you stroll through the many isles feeling like a champ, look for the key base of the lasagna: the noodle. In my opinion a thicker noodle is the best choice, this gives your lasagna a nice plump feeling; in turn supporting all the rich yumminess that will be stuffed into it later. The noodle is the building block and support system for the lasagna. ( How many noodles?) The next step is to find the perfect marinara sauce. You do not want one that is to running or else it will make your noodles soggy and less stable. The best way to go about this is to get the most basic sauce you can find, so that you can add in your own little special “PA-ZAZ”. Putting a personal touch into you dish will make it that much more enjoyable and special for your family to eat. The next ingredient to embark on is cheese. The cheese is my favorite part, it gives the lasagna the perfect texture. When buying cheese the process needs to be done right or else the consistency and pure enjoyment of the dish will be at jeopardy....
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