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4. Care for Self

4.1. Dressing frame

4.1.1. Small Button frame

Nature of Activity:

Table Activity

Materials Used:

Cloth Mat, Dressing frame with small buttons


Teacher greets the child “Good morning Mary. How are you today?” The child responds to the teacher in a similar manner. Teacher says “Today we are going to do a very interesting activity. We are going to work with small button frame, would you like to learn this activity? The child responds for the same and with her consent the teacher proceeds with the activity saying “Shall we walk up to the shelf to get the materials required for the activity?” Here we have a shelf ready with different types of mats and aprons. We have cloth mats, plastic mats and vinyl mats. Today we are going to work with cloth mat. We have to hold the cloth mat like this (Teacher demonstrates using all her fingers on both hands and lifting up the mat horizontally by holding both ends of the mat).Would you like to bring the cloth mat to the work table?

Following the instructions demonstrated by the teacher Mary picks up the cloth mat and carries it to the table prepared. The teacher draws an imaginary line indicating where the cloth mat needs to be placed.

The teacher demonstrates by tracing an imaginary line on the table where the child places the cloth mat and proceeds with the activity of unrolling of the mat as done earlier. Teacher directs the child again to the shelf to pick the other materials required for the activity. When they reach the shelf the teacher points to the material and shows Mary what they will be using for the activity. She demonstrates how to hold the frame and places the material back. She then asks the child if they would like to carry the material to the worktable.

The teacher and child come to the work table where the teacher traces an imaginary line indicating to the child where the frame needs to be placed. Once the child places the frame; the teacher while maintaining eye contact throughout proceeds to explain the activity to the child.

The teacher points to and introduces each item on the table to the child in the following manner.

Teacher explains the materials placed on the table saying “Mary, this is the cloth mat and this is a small button frame” Teacher starts the activity by saying “Mary, I will show you how to work with a small button frame. Watch me closely you will have your turn later.”


During the first half cycle, to unbutton, hold the button with three dominant fingers of the left hand and hold the flap with your 3 dominant fingers of the right hand and push the button through the loop towards the right hand side, now by interchanging both the hands by holding the button on the right hand and flap of the loop in the left hand then place the button under the flap of the loop, repeat the same activity for all the buttons of all the flap. After the procedure is repeated for all the buttons, With the help of the 3 dominant fingers of the right hand at the top of the left flap and 3 dominant fingers of the left hand at the bottom of the left flap edge and open the flap towards the left side and repeat the same for the right hand side flap. The first half cycle is complete.

While closing the flaps, use the 3 dominant fingers of the right hand at the top of the right flap edge and 3 dominant fingers of the left hand on the right flap edge and close the right flap and the same procedure is followed on the left flap.

To button, hold the flap with three dominant fingers of the left hand and hold the button with three dominant finger of the right hand and push the button through the loop to button the flap, repeat the same procedure for all the buttons of the flap. The full cycle is complete.

Winding Up:

Teacher asks the child to try saying “Would you like to try, Mary?” Depending the child would like to do the activity or...
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