Describing the color yellow to a blind person

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Describing the Color Yellow to a Blind Person
While people think that the color yellow represents victory and success, it also has strong historical and cultural associations. In some countries, represents happiness, glory, and wisdom. However, “yellow-belly” is an American expression that means a coward; it may refer to envy, jealousy, and betrayal. A “yellow movie” can refer to adult movies in Chinese culture; assigning nothing more than a negative hue to “the color of gold”. The color yellow can be illustrated according to perceptions and senses; allowing to receive both, it’s unfavorable and the positive flashes than can bring to be combined with other colors.

Looking deep into the dark side of yellow; is it really: cowardice, egoism, and madness? Moreover, yellow can be perceived as the color of caution and physical illness; possibly it is no coincidence that the sources of yellow pigments are toxic metals and body waste. It represents ambivalence, duplicity, and fear. Also expresses contradiction like the pages of the Bible. It can be expensive like a taxi cab, death as autumn leaves or silent as sand. However, often reflects depression or anxiety.

Feeling the color yellow can be overwhelming as a heat wave in the desert, irritating and painful as the image of a yellow baseball whipping your body. A pallid yellow can be an old sweaty tee shirt or the unpleasant taste of a raw egg yolk a stronger tone; being uncomfortable like wearing a swim vest at the safe shore of the sea. A deep yellow can be false and frivolous, leaving its particular warmth to show us the feeling of a cold and piercing lie. Yellow can be as sour as the gesture of a baby trying lemon for the first time, or insipid like cooked squash. It can be scentless like sunflowers, or strong and bitter like the taste of mustard. The color yellow can be frustrating like the feeling produced by the cry of a child when the school bus arrives in the morning. It...
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