Describing Product Concept, Production Concept, Selling Concept and Societal Marketing Concept

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The four concepts which organizations use to design their marketing strategies (product concept, production concept, selling concept, and societal marketing concept) are important because they serve as a guide for businesses to plan and carry out their marketing and selling efforts. The production concept is the oldest of the concepts in business. It proposes that customers prefer products that are cheap and widely available. organizations that focus on this concept are likely to concentrate on achieving high production efficiency, low costs and mass distribution, sticking to the belief that consumers are primarily interested in product availability and low prices. This concept does make sense in certain developing countries, such as Africa or Indonesia, where consumers are more interested in obtaining the product instead of its special features. The production concept as described above will not do well in first world countries such as the United States. The standard of living in such countries is much higher, and as a result, consumers may go for higher quality or special features, which render the production concept outdated. This is where the product concept comes in. The product concept puts forth the belief that consumers will favor products which promotes the best quality, performance and innovative functions. Organizations which adopt this concept might concentrate on developing their existing products and improving them over time. This is based on the assumption that consumers admire well-made products and are able to appreciate the quality and performance provided. However, it is dangerous in some cases where managers who hold fast to this belief get so caught up in improving the existing product that they forget what the market needs. This will lead to the organization not being able to satisfy consumers' wants and needs. If applied correctly, this concept is likely to do well in countries with a higher standard of living like Japan and the United...
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