Describing Managerial work using classical management

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Management has evolved over the years reinventing itself from the time before industry age to what it is today the contemporary management of today As mention by . What was once a custom made individual concept to what is now a well study, well theorized subject of the contemporary world. Management was revolutionize during the beginning of the industry age when there was a massive growth in the business which mark the arrival of increase in operation scales, and creating various sectors in an organization leading to recruitment of managers for daily activities such as planning and controlling. An increase in global trade and requirement of efficient manpower, management which was only just a mean of getting things done through people, started including other aspects of business. This essay will review about the classical management, usefulness of classical management in describing a managerial work.

Classical Management
Henri Fayol the founder of classical management and contributor of fourteen principles of management. To the present day Fayol ideas have been acknowledge by authors, teachers and managers of different background such as business and government. According to Frederick. W. C. (1963) classical management has contributed five major components of general theory of management. Frist component of the contribution is classical management principles that are major concepts and ideas, which are firstly contribution from Taylor that gave us the approximation to what the meaning of management, secondly the five basic management functions planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Second component is human relation study Third component is known today as decision making theory. Froth component being behavioral science, it is well use in the organizational theory. Fifth and last component of the contribution of the classical theory mention by William. C. F. (1963) is the general theory of management is or also...
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