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Topics: Beat Generation, Hippie, Beatnik Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: March 16, 2011
When I was a child, I used to spend my summer holidays at my grandparent’s in Point Place, Wisconsin. It is a small suburban somwhere near Kenosha. This town is extremely small and has a dismally low population. However, I like this place. There are a lot of things to do in such a small town. There is the Lake, Mount Hump, Bargain’s Bob or the Point Place Shopiing Mall. But my favorite part is undoubtely the Old Point Place. Indeed, this area which dates back to the 60s is actually the place to go for young people who want to hang out. Indeed, there are loads of trendy bars as the Viking’s Lounge, The Reservoir or the Hub. There is also Fatso Burger which is a fast food restaurant whose symbol is Fatso the Clown. This place is really lively and there is fun around every corners.

The architecture is quite intersting. It is ordinary but there are remants of the Beatnik period. For example, there a recolourful paintings on the walls which were painted by some hippie community. Actually, at the beginning, Point Place was the place where Beatniks settled after being expelled from Kenosha. Then, Point Place started to become a town like any other town with shops, restaurants, bars…

Anyway, this town is really nice. Its huge past makes of Point Place a place of pilgrimage for Beatniks’ admirers where people can enjoy times at concerts or musical events. Some great bands played at the Reservoir, which makes Point Place a famous town. But, this town is also warm, everyone is smiling and really nice. This is the best place to meet new people.

Finally, I like this area beacause this is a place where the sun is always shining. So, I think everyone has to visit this area. This is the best place ever. So, book a room at the Sleepytime Lodge and come to Point Place !
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