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"Describe a major sacrifice that someone has made for you to attend college or graduate school and how that sacrifice has influenced your life."

By lolliegaginde Aug 31, 2004 633 Words
"Describe a major sacrifice that someone has made for you to attend college or graduate school and how that sacrifice has influenced your life."

I am a 20-year-old student and single mother of two; Kolby, who is 5 and Peyton, who is almost 3. My children have had to make the biggest sacrifice in order for me to attend college and better our lives. When I was 15, I had Kolby, my son. I was in the tenth grade, the middle of my high school years. When an average student thinks about their high school years, their thoughts tend to wander away to sports, prom, graduation, and an occasional bit of trouble. However for me, high school had a much stronger image; an image of hard work, long hours and dedication to finishing school. Sometimes I think without Kolby I would have never made it to my senior year. He gave me something to really fight for. Whenever I felt like I could no longer go on, he encouraged me to pick myself up and quit feeling sorry for myself. In order for me to go to school, my mother had to care for Kolby. I would see him very few hours of the day. For an infant, this can be a little difficult. He bonded to my mother like she was his mother. This hurt me but I knew I had to finish school and finish right! There was no way I could be home to care for him and finish school. Kolby was the most important thing in my life. As if the situation I was in was not hard enough, I added to it. I found out I was pregnant right before entering my senior year. Peyton, my daughter, just added to my desire to make something of myself, but once again, I had to leave my baby with my mother for me to finish school. Both Kolby and Peyton are blessings in disguise. They both came at a point in my life where they were considered burdens or mistakes, but they have been nothing of the sort. They have had to sacrifice the special times between a mother and child in order for me to better our lives, not only in high school, but now college. I love my children with all my heart and I cherish the moments we do share. They've had to spend long hours with family and babysitters instead of me so that I can attend classes or do work. They have motivated me to want to excel. They have pushed me when I was willing to give up. Without them, I wonder if I would have even slowed down for college. At this time I have a 4.0 GPA and plan to maintain that. Without my children and their sacrifices, I would not have that honor. I felt so proud to have both of my children attend my high school graduation, and even more proud they will be cheering me on at my college graduation. Every time I look into their eyes, I know what I am doing is right. I want my children to know how much they influenced me just by being a part of my life and standing beside me. I am able to say I am very proud of the choices I have made, even wrong ones! I chose to take a very rocky path but it has obviously been the right path for me. I have not stopped fighting for the three of us because I know what they have given up for me is too important to just throw away. I will continue through college just as I did through high school, constantly trying to do better, and every time I do, I will be thinking of my children.

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