Describe a day when bad weather in your area caused a change of plans

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Describe a day when bad weather in your area caused a change of plans.

It was Sunday, 14th May, that started like any other Sunday morning. The only difference was that it was the morning of our parents’ wedding anniversary. As usual, it was meant to be a small celebration between family, relatives and close friends. We planned to have an outdoor garden party to suit our budget. The freshly mowed lawn variegated with rows of bright green and red leafy plants was the venue for the celebration. Planning for an event like this can be both exciting and stressful. There was so much to do in so little time – shopping, planning the menu, decorating and getting the house in order. When the day finally arrived, our house had been transformed into a beautiful and colourful home. Our garden, at night, resembled a fairyland with hundreds of white sparkling ea lights. It was a warm and sunny morning. The sky was clear. We could not have chosen a more perfect day for a garden party. Our house, especially the kitchen, was a hub of activity. As we bolted in and out preparing the luscious food items, the lingering smell of garlic and onions sizzling in oil, coupled with the sweet smell of caramel pudding permeated the house. At the same time, the aroma of roast chicken and lamb wafting was enough to make our stomachs growl. In the midst of our preparations, we heard the weather forecast for the day. There was going to be a thunderstorm in the late evening. The forecast sliced through our euphoria. We followed Papa’s gaze to the open window. The sun was slowly disappearing behind the dark clouds that had consumed the sky. The tall pine trees that usually danced and whispered in the gentle breeze were now swaying violently in the howling wind. As the afternoon wore on, the crack of lightning and the sound of thunder, bellowing in waves announced the arrival of the storm. The rain pounded hard on the roof and lashed the windows, a menacing threat to our garden party. When Mama

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