Describe A Circumstance In Your Life In Which You Faced Adversity Or Setback

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Describe a circumstance in your life in which you faced adversity or setback.  What did you learn from this experience?

Just last year I got together with a few classmates of mine to start a new club called BMEs. The idea originated because many of the majors at my school already had clubs that helped their school and professional careers. I imagined bmes to have weekly meetings, a huge event every month, and lots of involment from my peers. As founderes our groups had to work twice as hard as any of the other engineering clubs. There were points I was dedicating whole nights even weekend long hours into making sure the club would be successful. After all of the preparation, we all felt confident that our club would take off. I vividly remember the evening of our first meeting. X people had showed up, it was detrimental; I’m sure not a single e board member was prepared to stare into an empty room. We kept up professionalism, and continued with the meeting as though the 40 chairs were filled. The following e board meeting consisted of a lot of disappointment and stress. I was glad to hear that no one was giving up and this gave me courage to motive the others. I talked about how it was clear that our efforts did not provide the results we were hoping for, but how that shouldn’t be our focus. I suggested we steer our conversation into what kinds our things made us unsuccessful and how we could improve among those. I explained to the group that our setback was not due to the lack of our work but rather how we were delivering it. From then on we spent more time on recruitment and marketing and less time trying to plan ahead too far in advance. I designed a poster and asked people to help hang it up. We used a similar design on the poster that I made to print tee-shirts and sell them cheaply. Other members set up tables and participated in the club fair which we increased our voice through campus. The main lesson learned was that creating chapter and calendars...
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