Describe Two Successful Literary Devices

Topics: Writing, Charles Darwin, Galápagos Islands Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Successful writers use various literary techniques to help communicate their ideas. Irony, juxtaposition, incongruity, and humor are few examples of techniques that are used to improve and to bring out the atmosphere of the essay. Two acknowledged writers, Charles Darwin and Richard Steele, use two distinct and different techniques which help bring the reader into the environment of the writer. Literal and satirical, two advantageous approaches, allow equally superior writes while having black and white differences. "Galapagos Archipelago: The Great Tortoises," by Charles Darwin shows a prime example of a literal write. Through this technique, one is able to express much detail to the reader and allows for a clear vision to form in the minds of those who read this piece. "As [he] was walking along, [he] met two large tortoises," (Paragraph 1, Darwin) and he described them with very much detail, revealing a defensive, frightened animal. One can clearly create a picture of what these animals would have looked like. Also, as this style allows for a first-person description, the author can show a personal experience revealing a diary-like essay. This technique plays a very distinct role in Darwin's essay as he has no need to impress his audience; with a sole purpose to relay information, his choice of this literary technique was to his greatest advantage. Although a literal use of vocabulary may be useful in terms of a very direct and to-the-point essay, many writers choose a much more humorous satirical technique that brings a lively mood to the essay. Richard Steele's, "Christmas Greens," is a great example where satire has been incorporated into the essay. As one uses the great expanse of imagination in their mind, they bring about a very amusing sense in the environment. This introduction to amusement allows for the writer to choose the appropriate grammar and hysterical language that may not be common among essays. Also, as this technique may be used...
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