Describe Three Ways in Which Education Has Facilitated the Colonial Agenda in the Caribbean

Topics: Sociology, Slavery, Europe Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Describe three ways in which education facilitates the colonial agenda in the Caribbean. (20 marks) ________________________________________________________________________________
An agenda can be defined as a situation where one group/party seeks to facilitate an objective or goal over another group/party. That is, the purpose for doing something may not be as clear as it is seen; there is something hidden. In the context of the question, the colonial agenda, facilitated thorough education in the Caribbean was to maintain the grip over the Caribbean that was lost when slavery was abolished. Hence, a new means of control had to be developed. One in which, it did not break the law.

From a sociological standpoint, education is the key way by which the norms and values of society are passed on to the next generation. Therefore, if the hidden objective of the agenda was to control the population of the Caribbean then education would be the ideal way to facilitate the passing on of this particular European values system. Education as a means of control displayed the bourgeoisie concept. Conflict theorists showed that education was created by the elites (Europeans) to further their own socioeconomic status and increase social mobility. Therefore by seeming to give tools of liberation (via education) to the masses or the ex-slaves, the European authority figures were actually seeking to continue bonds of a new slavery, a MENTAL SLAVERY.

The ways in which education facilitated this control can be seen in the emphasis on Europe as the seat of educational excellence, the social classes to which education was offered and how it was delivered to the masses. All of these bear an emphasis on psychological domination. Education in the earliest instances of colonialism clearly illustrates the colonial agenda. It was a continuation of the plantation model of education. That is, European superiority was emphasized. Religion also played an important role in the act of...
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