Describe the Skills Required of an Event Organiser

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Describe the skills required of an event organiser. P1

Roles of a Event Organiser

An event organiser can have a large amount of work to deal with when organised an event. There are verities of event which they could organise such as a wedding, annual party, religious festivals or parties, birthday parties, engagement party, ceremonies etc. for them to deal with the amount of work and the time is needed to make the event successful they need to have a number of skills if they wish to complete the event successfully. If the event is not successful they will damage the business as it does not help them.


Attention To Detail – The skills the event organiser has can be small however this could make a huge difference in the event, such as attention to detail may not be huge but could end up making the different between a successful event and a failure. An individual having this skill can find organising the event very simple and easy being able to pick out the faults and making changes for improvement. Picking out small detail will then follow up to something bigger such as the event as a whole.

Planning – This skill is essential for the event organiser to have as this doesn’t only take the event into consideration but also other things that are happening at the same time, this can be another business using the same event, so too many similar events will result in poor attendance. They need to plan out other factors such as if the event is going to be inside or out or theme of event.

Communication – Good is essential for a successful role as an event organiser as they need to be able to talk and listen to the people inside the group helping with the event. Good communication skills help keep a group intact and help give precise instructions to the group. Communication skills work in more other ways other than speaking and listening for example another way this skills could be useful if writing letter, email or text to other people.

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