Describe the Scientist-Practitioner Model for I/O Psychologists Advocated by the Society for Industrial and or

Topics: Industrial and organizational psychology, Applied psychology, Occupational health psychology Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: September 9, 2011
Jack is an organizational development executive at Techzone Communications, an international communications and technology company. He has completed his PhD in I/O psychology and has been working at Techzone for seven years. Although he did research during his PhD studies, he has not been involved in research since that time. Do you think Jack can be considered a scientist-practitioner? Discuss why or why not.

Yes and no. Yes Jack has been working for an international company so he must of applied “The Boulder model. On the other hand Jack can’t be considered a scientist-practitioner, because he did not conduct a scientific practice-based research. A psychologist is a scientist and a competent researcher, also a practitioner who applies knowledge and techniques to solve problems of clients.

Scientist-practitioner model for I/O psychologists rely on scientific research to support their methods and to make sure they conduct scientifically good results. Industrial Organization psychologists are taught scientist-practitioner model. It teaches both scientific inquiry and practical application. The practice of industrial organizational psychology is influenced by a number of things. For example we can see a number of faculty members working in business schools, also business are using Industrial organizations as consulting firms. Psychology research is becoming increasingly multilevel and multidiscipline. They face high challenges surrounding what they can share with the profession. Scientist practitioner model represents the way we should be conducting ourselves as a profession. Why do you think the scientist-practitioner model is useful in I/O psychology? A model can be useful by helping scientists study and understand things that are complex and that can’t be observed directly. Model help people study and understand things that are complex or that can’t be observed directly The science–practice model has its origins in clinical psychology. According to the...
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