Describe the Relationship Between a Media Product and Its Target Audience.

Topics: 2009, Age disparity in sexual relationships, Youth Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Describe the relationship between a media product and its target audience. What is the impact of One technique used to appeal to a specific audience.

The New Zealand magazine “Tearaway” published by Tearaway press Ltd is targeted at teenagers from aged 13 to 18 both genders and at all academic levels. The magazine uses techniques such as colour, language, fonts, style but most of all content. Presentation is a large factor for a magazine as this is usually what attracts readers and buyers but for this specific company their content is equally important. The content appeals to the target audience as it has something for everyone, it is written and contributed by the target audience and it is used in schools. The “tearaway” magazine supposedly targets all teenagers aged from 13 to 18, this is a very large demographic group to be able to target in a 40 paged issue. The large age difference also creates a challenge for the editors and authors, as a 13 year old would have different interests than an 18 year old, making the content of Tearaway hard to narrow down. Because the magazine targets a wide age range they include something of interest for everyone. For example in the September 2009 issue they include articles about Universities and career paths aimed at the older teenagers as well as content such as music and movie reviews, competitions and gaming reviews ect which are aimed at the entire target audience. The magazine’s core team of six people are aged between 17 to 25 and the magazine has an enormous network of young writers, photographers and other contributors from around the country. The Youth Participation Case Studies for Tearaway magazine states “One of the major benefits of youth participation for Tearaway is the freshness that young people bring to the magazine. Having the content primarily driven by young people keeps it relevant and adds innovation, creativity and clarity” We see this throughout the 2009 issues for example in the July issue...
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