Describe the Recruitment and Selection Documentation Used in a Selected Organisation (P1)

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Unit 1 Business Purposes

BTEC Level 2 First Business Assessment Resource Pack

Sample learner work and assessor comments
Commentary for tutors
Sample learner work and assessor comments follow for the assignment A1 Local businesses and industry sectors (P1, P2, P3, M1, M2). This unit of work introduces learners to the world of business. All of the target assessment and grading criteria for this assignment have been met (P1, P2, P3, M1, M2). This assignment is one of three assignments. The other two assignments would need to be completed before an overall unit grade is awarded. The learner has been asked to produce four case studies about different businesses. They have chosen three locally based businesses and one which is in their local area, but is considered a national business. These fact sheets cover the assessment criteria for P1, P2 and P3. The learner has followed the structure in the assignment brief and has provided detailed information about each business. They have incorporated relevant images for each business. For each fact sheet the learner has covered: the purpose the activities the ownership the size and scale links between the ownership, size and scale the industry sector local and national examples of the business. Learners should be given freedom to choose businesses for the fact sheets, but they must be aware that some primary research may have to be undertaken to gain sufficient information about smaller local organisations. The second sample of work focuses on the difference between two of these businesses. This piece of work covers M1. The learner has compared two contrasting businesses looking at their purpose, activities, ownership, liability, size and scale. The final sample of work looks at the changes in different industry sectors (M2). This builds on what the learner has covered in the fact sheets. The learner has researched the changes in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors on both a local and national scale in order to demonstrate sufficient understanding for this task. They have included data obtained from the Office for National Statistics and have incorporated both local and national data.

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Unit 1 Business Purposes

BTEC Level 2 First Business Assessment Resource Pack

Sample learner work for A1 Local businesses and industry sectors

Task 1 – Report on local businesses Sole Trader – Star News Star News is a small family run newsagent in Slough. The purpose of the newsagent is to provide essential goods and services to local people. They offer these services for a small The newsagent sells newspapers, magazines and everyday products such as chocolate and sweets. The also provide lottery tickets and mobile phone top up.

Star News is a sole trader. It is owned by one person, Mr Singh. He runs the business as a sole trader and doesn’t have to publish his accounts like a private limited company would. He has unlimited liability, and it means he is responsible for all the debts of the business. If he runs up debts then he will have to pay them off by selling his business or his home. The business only serves a small local community in Slough. There are other newsagents in the area which provide similar services for other communities. The size of the business is micro as it only has three employees. If the business was to grow and open up more shops then the owner may consider changing the business to a private limited company. However as there is only one store it is suited to a sole trader, providing the business doesn’t run up any debts. Assessor’s comment: Watch your grammar. Assessor’s comment: This is a good description of a sole trader business.

Star News is in the tertiary sector because it is a service to the local community. It doesn’t make its own products it provides those made by other companies. Other local businesses within this...
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