Describe the Most Interesting Movie That You Have Seen

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Describe an interesting film you saw recently.  
 You should say;
 What is the title?
 When did you see it?
 What is the story about?
 And explain why this movie was interesting to you.
Last summer, my family and I went to AMC Movie Theater in Cupertino and enjoyed a movie entitled “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. It was a Science Fiction and adventure movie in three-dimensions.

We enjoyed state-of –the-art computer graphics in the movie. For instance, when a dinosaur chased the characters, I was on edge as if I were with them.

The movie’s plot started from the idea that another world exists deep inside of the earth with a variety of unusual creatures. It showed the director’s extensive imagination and creativity. I was preoccupied with the movie while watching it. It was really entertaining, with a lot of incredible and amazing things that made me forget my day-to-day stress.

My kids enjoyed it a lot as well. It was a great family movie. There was no violent scene and I believe the movie allowed my children to enhance their imagination.

As I like surreal, unusual and unbelievable things in SF movies, the movie was the most interesting movie that I have ever seen.

Part 3 – 246.
What kinds of movies Korean like these days?
Why do you think Hollywood movie is the most popular in the world? What do you think is more important to make successful movies; story or money investment? Why do you think Korean Movies are getting popular in other countries? In which countries they enjoy Korean movies and why do you think they like them? Part 3- 211.

Do you want see the moive again?
 Do you think the movie is educational for children?
 What kind of movie do Korean people like?
 Do you think movie advertisement is effective in promoting goods?  What is the difference between local films and foreign films? Part 3- 194.

What movie is the most common these days in Korea?

What are the advantages of entertainment movies compared to documentary films?  
Do you like movie?
Yes, I like very much. In fact, it is the most important recreation for me. -I prefer to watch movie with my family because I feel very happy when we share the enjoyment of those movies. -Frankly, I enjoyed science or science fiction movies very much. Because those movies can fire my imagination, excite my curiosity. For I am a computer engineer, I’d like to image what would like in the future. Besides, I am very curious about the stories of scientists. In science related to movies, I like the story of scientists very much, including a last film, called a beautiful mind. This film told us the unusual experience about John Nash, a famous scientist. Also, I have watched many science fiction films, such as AI-Artificial Intelligence and the Star War. Those films reveal a kind of human’s worry: with the fast development of science and technology, what kind of role should human play in the future? How to tackle those contradictions between people and the intelligent machine, such as robot? Though I can not exactly answer those questions, I can attain some useful inspiration from movies. -Of course, there are many differences. First, the sound effect is very good in cinema; Second, the screen is bigger than that in home, so audience can fully enjoy the splendid view in the movie. In addition, the atmosphere is more exciting with others watching the same movie.

Q. What kinds of movies do you like the most?
I like action and Sci-fi movies. When I watched ET(The Extra-Terrestrial) 1982. about 16 years ago, I was greatly impressed seen such a special effects' technology has been changed and developed rapidly. These days, it is hard to find any movies without using special effects, and those advances enabled the film makers to tell their stories in different and often effective ways.

Q. What are the effects of movies on people?
 Movies give lessons of life or highlight certain historical or cultural events that are...
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