Describe the Main Features in the Life of Ho Chi Minh (1890 – 1969)

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Ho Chi Minh; was a leading figure for not only his people but also the nation of Vietnam, he was a tireless figurehead for Vietnam’s struggles for freedom. He was a committed nationalist and communist whose main goal was to achieve a united and independent Vietnamese nation.

Ho Chi Minh; born Nguyen Sinh Cung (one of his many alias’) on May 19th, 1890, to very loyal parents; and proud son of Nguyen Sinh Huy; a Vietnam nationalist and teacher, employed under French rule – Ho’s father was an extremely influential figure in his life. Huy (Ho’s Father), a nationalist was completely opposed to French rule and Ho’s nationalistic roots were grown from his father; Huy refused to teach his children the French language himself and was committed into turning his children into committed communists and soldiers to fight for the independence of Vietnam.

As Ho’s secondary schooling in a French school had concluded; (Ho’s father believed sending his children to French schools would better equip them in the struggle with the French colonisation of Vietnam) he followed his father an became a teacher – however his nationalistic views found him expelled in 1908 and by 1911, Ho believed it was time he left Vietnam to experience the conditions of colonisation on a more wide spread scale and found himself a job as a kitchen hand on a steamboat.

Ho’s travels lead him around the world; to India, the USA and England where he was able to forge a greater understanding and stance on colonisation. It was not until 1917 Ho managed to settle in Paris, he began to read books by Karl Marx, and from these Marxist readings Ho was convened to communism. Ho’s newly found following; communism, lead him to be one of the founding members of the French communist party in 1920.

By 1924, Ho chi Minh became a true communist as he travelled to Moscow the capital of communism to receive training from the Soviets. With the knowledge that he would most likely be arrested by the French authorities...
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