Describe the Main Character of the Story, and Explain Why She Was Interesting

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Group Essay on Character
* Describe the main character of the story, explain why she was interesting

Always introduce the title of the text and author

Paragraph 1
Describe Nanny Miro in this paragraph to answer the part of the question. Here you are going to tell me some of her characteristics and provide evidence for this.

Paragraph 2
Explain why she was interesting to you? Give a reason or two as to why you found her interesting. Provide evidence.

Recap what you said in summary and note your thoughts about the theme here, for example it could be: ‘I think that the author wrote this story to make me realise that we do not live forever and we have to spend quality time with loved ones.

Describe the main character. Explain why she was interesting.

In the short story ‘A Game of Cards’, written by Witi Ihimaera, the main character is an old lady who is very passionate about cards; her name is Nanny Miro.

Nanny Miro has a quirky personality, and her actions show that she can be cheeky. .” Sweet aye? She would laugh. Good? Kapai lalelale? And she would sometimes wriggle her hips, making her victory sweeter.” When she plays cards, it brings her closer to her friends and family, she values her family greatly and is all about living life to the fullest. In the text, the use of cultural language, “mokupuna, whanau” shows that she originates from a Maori family and embraces her culture. Nanny Miro is not a materialistic type of person. “Nanny didn’t really care about money though. Who needs it? She used to say. What do you think I had all these kids for, ay? To look after me, I’m not dumb!”

Nanny Miro is an interesting person. For example she has a strong love for cards, which is not very common in our modern society. “Nanny loved all card games- five hundred, poker, canasta, pontoon, whist, euchre- you name it, she could play it.” It’s interesting that the author used the name Miro. This is because Miro means to...
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