Describe the Factors to Take Into Account When Planning Healthy and Safe Indoor and Outdoor Environments and Services

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Outcome 027
Support children and young people’s health and safety.
Outcome 1 Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that Support children and young people’s health and safety.

Ac1 This is how I will plan and what I will take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor activities for children in my setting.
The individual needs, age and abilities of the children and young people. All these must be considered when planning an activity. I will ensure that all the children will be included and my resources are age and ability appropriate.
Specific Risk – if a child had a hearing impairment I would provide visual aids for them so they are aware of health and safety. If a child was running indoors I would show them a visual sign of a picture where it was made clear that you should walk not run. Placing pictures around the setting will help the child e.g. pictures of hands being washed by the toilet area. I would always make sure I was insight but allow the child to enjoy their environment. If there was a pregnant member of staff I would ensure they are safe minimising any risks to the individual and the children they may be responsible for a pregnant person risk assessment should be completed.
Parent/carers – I would always make sure parents and carers had information about their child and their activities and routine their child is part of. If English wasn’t their first language I would provide information in their home language.
Function and purpose of environment – I would make sure it was the right environment for the activity. If I was to use the bikes/cars I would use the outdoor space so there was enough space for the children to freely move around. Outdoor – all animal mess should be clean up prior to the activity. Space should have high impact matting. The area should be fenced for security; children should not be able to open the gates. Indoor – main door should

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