Describe the Conflicts of the Tertium Quid, the Burr Conspiracy, Essex Junto and the Hartford Convention.

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, United States House of Representatives, New Jersey Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: October 9, 2008
Tertium Quid- In new Congress, Republicans held three quarters of seats, but divisions soon developed, primarily by the ultra-conservatives, who insisted on "old Republicanism," the old very strict construction of the Constitution that had been Jefferson’s position years before. They were more Jeffersonian than even Jefferson himself. Among their leaders was John Randolph of Virginia, who loved to lecture fellow Congressman in a shrill soprano voice, and who strutted about the House chamber carrying a bull whip. The Philosopher of the movement was one John Caroline who had strong ideas of states' rights and strict construction. His ideas didn't go far at this time, but they were later used with pleasure by secessionists in later years. Those opposed to Jefferson within his own party became known as the Tertium Quid, Latin for the "third something." There was talk of forming a third party, but it never got off the ground. The Tertium Quid represented the first attempt at a "Third Political Party movement" within the U.S. It would not be the last, but like those that followed it, it was not successful. American politics has been almost exclusively two-party; although there are those who attempt third party movements from time to time Burr Conspiracy- Burr was indicted for Murder in New Jersey and New York and heavily in debt. He went to Spanish Florida to hide until the uproar died down, and then returned, and in his capacity as Vice President, presided over the Senate. He need only stay out of New York and New Jersey. One senator complained, "we have indeed fallen on evil times." Burr and one General James Wilkerson, whose reputation was only slightly less soiled than Burr’s concocted a scheme to have Louisiana secede from the U.S. and create an empire for themselves. Burr had even solicited British support for his scheme. Essex Junto- Was a group of lawyers and merchants from Essex County, Massachusetts. These Federalists supported Alexander Hamilton and the...
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