Describe the 3 Stages of the Heroes Journey

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Stage 1 consists of the call to adventure, refusal to call, supernatural aid, crossing the first threshold, and belly of the whale. In this first state, the hero’s journey begins; he is called to a world outside of his home or town and is usually given a guide to assist him on this journey. The hero has an opportunity to refuse the call but receives encouragement from a supernatural force that persuades him to take the risk. The hero ventures on this journey and either meets an old man, a god/goddess, or messenger that gives the hero a weapon or special powers. The crossing of the first threshold is the point where the hero crosses over into this new world leaving the comfort and safety of his previous existence to a world of danger. After crossing the first threshold the hero finds himself alone in this new world and discovering his purpose to continue on this path, he emerges from the “belly of the whale” as a new person. Initiation

Stage 2 consists of the road of trials, meeting with the goddess, women as the temptress, atonement with the father, apotheosis, and the ultimate boon. The hero is confronted with many challenges and tests to help improve his character and become self-reliant during this journey on the road of trials. Next, the hero is met by the goddess and is reminded that rewards await him upon completion of his quest; she brings complete fullness to the hero’s character. Women as the temptress in the hero’s journey act as test for him to overcome his selfish desires and stay on the right path to build his character and continue on the journey. Atonement with the father is the opportunity for the hero to reconcile with the father to understand him and himself better; the father can be portrayed as threatened by the hero or a man that helps the hero. Apotheosis is achieved when the hero understands the purpose of life through the expansion of his consciousness, new views of the world, and the selflessness acts of caring for...
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