Describe the roles of parents and carers

Topics: Gender role, Family, Gender Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: April 29, 2004
Maree Hambly

The expectations of males and females in parenting and caring are constantly changing. Stereotypically, females are seen as the carer and males are seen as the provider. Societal changes such as equal pay for equal work, work environment policies and changing family structures, i.e. single parents are changing these traditional expectations. This discussion will show how the empowerment of women and men influences the way they function in society.

· Traditionally, a father's role was in the public realm of work, while female roles were based around their husband's household (known as the domestic sphere. Men are often viewed as assertive, aggressive and domineering, while the women were viewed as house-makers and child-bearers. Now tasks are shared equally around the home, such as discipline. Discipline is shared between both parents, whereas, men used to discipline and children were taught to fear their fathers. Both parents are now seen equally, as providers and carers for their families. Both should determine the child's education, set appropriate societal limits and have legal, welfare and responsibility of the child. However, traditional roles still exist in older generations, which may be influential on younger generations.

· Prior to WW2, women did not work as they were told that their role was to care for their husband and family. If women did work, it was usually in hard physical labour repetitive tasks. However, women were called up to the workforce when their husbands were sent to WW2 to stabilise the economy. When their husbands returned, they were told to go back to their traditional roles. Many women protested for their rights are formed women's liberation. Equal pay for equal work allowed freedom for women. Before this legislation was passed in Australia in 1975, women were receiving 54% of the male rate. Women embraced the workforce, freeing them of their traditional roles. Women are now encouraged to have a career, but...
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