Describe how you would design a programme of fieldwork and research to investigate the effectiveness of coastal management schemes.

Topics: Coastal geography, Coastal management, Environmental impact assessment Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Many places are experiencing an increased risk of coastal erosion and flooding. Describe how you would design a programme of fieldwork and research to investigate the effectiveness of coastal management schemes. Write as though you did it.

Where did you do it?
What specific fieldwork/ research did you do?
What websites did you look at?
Why did you do each technique in your investigation? What were you hoping it would tell you?

In order to fully investigate the effectiveness of coastal management schemes, you need to carry out both primary and secondary data. There is a range of ways that this can be done. Primary data or fieldwork is broken down into sections that address particular factors that show the effectiveness of coastal management schemes. In my investigation I went to Swanage. Here I carried out a series of techniques to measure the effectiveness of its coastal management schemes. Risk assessments are done to see the levels of danger or risk a place is at. The higher the risk, the less effective the management scheme. To do this, I filled in a table to describe factors such as the general slope angle of the location, evidence of slumping and if a protection method had already been put in place there. I then scored each factor out of 10 (1 being low risk, 10 being high). The totals could then be compared to other areas within Swanage Bay. I then carried out a Bi-polar Environmental Impact Assessment of each type of defence at Swanage, which consisted of making judgements using criteria. Criteria included vulnerability to erosion, accessibility to the beach, aesthetic value and level of maintenance. The score was made was between -3 and 3 (-3 being negative and 3 being positive). The scores were then added to make a total which can be used to compare with other areas. In order to obtain evidence from the public, I carried out a bi-polar analysis of the public opinion, in which I asked members of the public a series of questions that would help...
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