Describe Diffrent Stakeholders in the Business

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As a large Publicly-owned organisation, Bridgend College has a number of different types of stakeholders. To ensure that Bridgend College has to carefully manage these stakeholders.

Customers (students)= with out students there would be no Bridgend college. Students are the customers of Bridgend College, the college depends upon the students and the success that they achieve both while at college and to a extent after they finish their education in order to keep the co college up and running, this is why students are the main stakeholder

Employees (Academic & Support Staff)= the staff (teachers etc) help students learn and exceed there goals to enable them to pass the courses there on, the teachers help provide the service that the college offers by teaching the students information and making the course easier.

Central & Local Government= as Bridgend college is public sector it is owned by the government, it is also funded by the government. This means all dictions and budged etc are controlled by the government making it a very key stakeholder

Community= As a educational institution, Bridgend College provides the people of Bridgend and the surrounding areas with the opportunity to improve the individuals standard of education, should they desire it. This also proves useful to the many business in the area, allowing them access to a large pool of well-educated personnel ready for work.

Trade Union / Pressure Groups (Student Union)=The student union exists to democratically represent the interests of the students in any educational institution, as guaranteed under the “Education Act 1994”. The majority of unions in the UK are affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS).

The goal of Government is to see Bridgend College operate effectively under tight budgetary constraints. It also expects to see the College operate according to law and to respect all legislation, e.g. Health and Safety.
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