Describe And Explain How Christians Respond To The Issue Of Abortion

Topics: Christianity, Roman Catholic Church, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: April 20, 2015

RS ESSAY; Describe and explain how Christians respond to the issue of abortion There are many different opinions on abortion in Christianity as some denominations are stricter than others. For the Roman Catholics, they believe strongly against it and believe life begins when the ovum is fertilised and gains the full status of a human being therefore in this denomination abortion is considered as murder and ‘thou shall not murder’is in the 10 commandments. Moreover, the Roman Catholics believe abortion is never right and that the family will be able to bring up the child in any environment. This is where the denominations within Christianity begin to disagree on the decision in which abortion is right. The Church of England is partly against abortion unless there is a valid reason and it is a last resort, but they do not like it. These situations are; rape, the mother is mentally ill, the child will put the mother in danger, physically or mentally. They teach that abortion is the ‘lesser of two evils’ implying abortion is evil but also is bringing the child into the world. The church would not judge and would never tell someone what to do as God forgives and Jesus never condemned. Methodists have similar views with the Church of England that the foetus should be respected and taking into consideration when thinking about abortion but believe that abortion should never happen after the point of viability. This is when the baby can live outside the womb. In addition, it would be hard for the mother who is considering abortion, whether religious or not, has a big decision to make because she may not be ready for the child. However the mother would not give the child up for adoption after birth because they gave birth and then would feel emotionally attached to the baby. Therefore a Christian, mainly Methodists or Church of England, would support the mother in the decision. Pro-life organisations such as SPUC are against abortion and believe that the life of the...
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