Describe and evaluate Bruce and Young's model of face recognition

Topics: Face, Faces, Traumatic brain injury Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Describe and evaluate Bruce and Young's model of face recognition (8+16marks) Bruce young’s model of face recognition starts with structural encoding, where the face is seen and the features are analysed. The model then splits up into separate compartments one for familiar faces and the other for unfamiliar faces. [AO1] The first of these compartments is the name generation system, which consists of eight separate processes. The first stage being the structural encoding where the face perceived is converted in neural impulses for the brain to interpret. [AO1] Followed by Face Recognition Units (FRU’s) where the brain contains stored structural descriptions of familiar faces, followed by the Person Identity Nodes (PINs) where stored information about the known individual’s e.g. their occupation, interests etc. Finally the name is generated; this is stored separately to the other information that is held of the person. [AO1] Bruce and Young believed that the serial nature of this meant that the model only goes in this order e.g. you can’t retrieve the person’s name without knowing personal information about them, however they do believe that you don’t necessarily go through all the stages and can stop at any if the information isn’t sufficient. [AO1] This compartment of the Bruce-young model can explain everyday face recognition problems very well, such as our failure to recognise a familiar face by giving a reasonable explanation of that there is sufficient-stimulation of an FRU for the face to be recognised. [AO2] It goes onto explain the reason why we mis-identify one person for another is because the person being identifies is sufficiently similar to the familiar person and therefore activates an FRU inappropriately. [AO2] Not being able to place a person is effectively explained by the relevant FRU not being activated enough due to the stimulation not being sufficient enough to activate the cognitive system or the PINs and so the information cannot be...
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