Describe an Innovative Method of Motivating Employees You Have Studied and Evaluate Its Potential Effectiveness Compared to Alternative, More Traditional Strategies in Promoting an Inspired Work Force

Topics: Motivation, Goal setting, Employment Pages: 4 (1442 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Topic: Describe an innovative method of motivating employees you have studied and evaluate its potential effectiveness compared to alternative, more traditional strategies in promoting an inspired work force.

One of the most significant and controversial areas of inquiry in methods over the past 50 years has been the issue of the motivation of employees. There are several theories attempt to describe how to inspire employees to maximize the workforce, for instance equity theory, expectancy theory and goal setting theory. Goal setting theory is an open idea, which many new theories make it more specific. Nowadays, goal setting has become a creative method to motivate employees in a huge number of companies.

The theory of goal setting states that due to the different performance goals, some employees work better than the others (Latham, G.P., and Locke, E.A, 1991). There are at least four sub principles necessary for motivating employees with goal setting. First, the goal must be specific and difficult. Second, providing the feedback is essential due to the progress of goal attainment. Third, the method of maintain goal commitment should be found. Fourth, providing the important resources and removing barriers to goal attainment (Locke, E.A, 2009).

Firstly, setting specific and challenging goals result in a higher level of employees’ motivation than no goals, easy goals or abstract goals that persuade people to work effectively. Studies have shown that specific and difficult goals lead to a higher level of performance than easy or general goals. ‘So long as a person is committed to the goal, has the requisite ability to attain it, and does not have conflicting goals, there is a positive, linear relationship between goal difficulty and task performance’ (Locke, E.A., and Latham, G.P, 2006). First of all, people who are hired by companies can adjust their efforts with the difficulty degree of goals. If employers set an easy and general goal to employees, they...
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