Describe an Important Event in Macbeth

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Describe an important event in the story Macbeth
“Each new morn, new widow’s howl, new orphans cry, new horrors strike heaven in the face”. This is the effect of one man killing his rightful king and selling his soul. Macbeth is that play by William Shakespeare. Some of the important themes in the story are ‘Happiness isn’t certain, choices have consequences and you can provoke others. At the start of the story Macbeth is a valiant soldier who at the start of the story was referred to as “valour’s minion” and “Bellona’s bridegroom” until he and his friend Banquo encounter the three witches who foretell his future. They are interested in Macbeth but not Banquo foretelling that he will be king but his children won’t but Banquo children will and that he would be a better king he seals his fate when he kills his king usurping his throne and upsetting the natural order The killing of King Duncan is an important event because it shows the how manipulative woman can be. Such as when Lady Macbeth uses her husband’s soldierly pride and his love for her against him. The killing of King Duncan is an important event because it shows that all choices have consequences. This shown when he tells the murderers to kill everyone in Macduff’s household. The killing of King Duncan is an important event because it shows how even small events can change who you are. Like when he tells Lady Macbeth about his meeting with the witches, he sends a letter to her saying “” Macbeths effect on Scotland was evil this is shown later in the book when he is referred to as “dead butcher and fiend like queen”. This story mainly focuses on the theme of ambition.
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