Describe A Place: Where Have You Been Today?

Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: January 21, 2016

1. Where have you been today? Describe the places!
I started my day off with a wonderful brunch over at my best friend’s house. Her house is very pretty and bright, especially the outside. Lights are attached all over the white surface, and they really catch your eye. I love the inside a lot though, it’s luxarious and fresh but not really as bright. I felt very at home, my apartment doesn’t even compare to all the gorgeous decor but my best friend made sure I felt comfortable. When we were done with the brunch we went to a concert. Since we had general admission tickets we decided to get there early in order to get close to the stage, so a big part of my day was spent in a que. Everyone sat on the hard ground, it was really crowded so I could...

Everyone appears to be quite wealthy, everything is bright and almost too clean. A smell that really reminded me of spring and fresh flowers were flowing through the entire area, and it was fantastic. Another thing I adored was the small boutiques and cafés located along the main street in her area, altough we didn’t have time to stop for them they looked super cozy and inviting. I’m thankful since the weather was great, not too cold but neither extremly warm. I also viewed the incridbly beautiful sunset from the hotel balcony. The beach is beautiful, and I can almost view the entire city from my balcony. The city was still really busy during the evning, but the few people I could distinguish seemed really...

One thing I learned though is how important it is to just live in the moment, and appreciate the things that makes you happy. I’m greatful for being able to see my favourite band, and reconnecting with one of my old friends even though I live far away from her.
5. Who have you met today?
I was with one of my friends, and we were just hanging out and eating brunch. I also went with her to a concert, where I got to know a few more people while waitning in line. It’s so easy to make friends at concert, since you already kind of have a similar intrest. A lot of the people i made friends with also loved other bands I enjoy, and it was really entertaining to speak to people that like the same thing as I, even if they live in another country.
6. What have you eaten today?
Since I was so extremly nervous before the concert for some reason, I struggeled with eating properly. I still ate as much as I felt was possible, but I felt a bit ill after every bite. For brunch I just had some fruits and berries with pancakes, and for lunch I decided to just eat a small sallad. Later during the eving I just ordered some pizza up to my hotel...
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