Descartes Vs Dillard

Topics: Mind, Reality, Truth, Meaning of life, Metaphysics, Omnipotence / Pages: 3 (737 words) / Published: Sep 12th, 2016
We as humans are extraordinary beings; we’ve created diseases, and cured them; we’ve built nuclear bombs, created civilizations, made hybrid species, and have managed to come up with laws that were to be followed by people while a higher authority were chosen to enforce them. Yet we can’t seem to figure out the truth behind reality, and how to distinguish what’s real and what’s fake. Are the things we imagine just mere figments of our imaginations, or are they things we’ve seen or experienced before? Is your mind the ultimate guide to happiness and truth, or is experiencing things for yourself the only way to find the true meaning of life? Or is living in a cave confined of your own ignorance your ideal way to live a happy life?
In Descartes
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Unlike Descartes, Dillard relies on her senses and past experiences to help her find the truth and guide her through life. Dillard looked at things from other people's perspective to get a different point of view and to see how other people experienced certain things. Dillard also states that “There is another kind of seeing that involves a letting go”; what I think Dillard means by letting go is getting rid of all the lies, theories, and false assumptions that she’s believed her whole life. And she seems to learn that sometimes being without things is for the greater …show more content…
When you start learning the truth, it ironically might be hard to believe, and you soon learn that everything you once believed was true were just lies and theories, and everything you thought you saw was just a disoriented shadow on the wall. Any and everything that you come across should be followed with a question, despite everyone around you saying it’s true, or it even being right in front of you. Nothing should ever be left

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