Descartes Proofs Of God S Existence

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Descartes’ two proofs of God's existence.
Descartes uses the proof ‘Meditation III’ to explain God’s existence. The proof is given via reasoning, which begins by describing how he comes to such a conclusion. Descartes does this by mentally closing himself from the general public, ignoring hearing, sight, and the remaining of his senses as he deeply looks and depends upon himself. This state gives him the opportunity of making an introspective look at the existence of God, with no influences from another party (Steven 500). Descartes is able to organize his thinking, and from his reasoning, he is able to come up with the notion that God exists due to his finite existence. Although the concept of finite existence should be preceded with some substance that is definitely infinite, this mere substance is not enough to explain the infiniteness because I am positively finite and to my understanding of God, and that he is independent, infinite, having both supreme power and intelligence. Therefore, this is a show that he cannot be able to have the ability of thinking the way he does, if it is not a fact that he is either an infinite being or an infinite being supports his thinking capacity. Although the explanation is logical, several flaws in thinking can be analyzed from the reading and understanding. I do agree with most of Descartes’ reasoning of the existence, that’s why I will not only give further clarification, but also explain Descartes biggest flaw in his argument.

Descartes’ theoretical philosophical postulations of God’s existence are of logic. I can compare this to an algorithm analysis from the very start of a closed-out state of mind which allows every literate reader to be persuaded by his argument. From Descartes pieces of logical evidence, he provides the chain of creators’ logic, where he is inquisitive of the origin of himself, whether it is from himself or his parents.If his parents were to be the cause of his existence, they must have as much reality as Descartes. He believes that his parents are not self-creative, concluding that they contributed to his origin, which was the giving of certain modifications to the subject in which he had hitherto judged and possess the concept of a supreme being absolutely perfect, him being God and his existence is the most clearly shown (Descartes 8). Descartes’ is to the notion that God has to exist since he was conceived, the source being his parents who are also finite human being who also came from a lineage of another set of finite beings, which leads back to an infinite being that gave birth and was the origin of the chain of finite creators that eventually lead to him being of this world (Descartes 9). Therefore, this is a logical reasoning since everything has to do with origin, which gives evidence that God being an infinite being is the source of existence because he is the initial creator and has no other creator seeing. The second proof notion Descartes uses, is that of perfection. The capability of a human being becoming perfect, results into the assumption that God really exist within him because he has destined to a pinnacle of life and therefore, he is a God. However, Descartes argues that with the knowledge he possesses, he himself could not inherit all the perfections that remain of God. This is enough proof that human beings can never reach perfection, since even if they toil and have all the knowledge in the world, they reach an optimum point where the no more knowledge can be gained. Descartes also include the notion that God himself transcends the human imperfection by being infinite. The argument if of importance since it is evident that no human being can create God inside him; because God’s infinite growth makes him the only perfect being (Descartes 8). This reasoning concludes with the notion of human being God, with his first argument showing that God should exist. Human beings make mistakes,...
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