Desalinization of Water: Chemistry

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Desalinization of Water|
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* Our world consists of 70% of water, from which, only 2.5% is fresh water, and 1% is drinkable water. Because of this low drinkable water rate, desalinization is a very important process which will help us provide a higher percentage rate. * Desalination is a process in which salt water is turned into fresh water, by extracting its water and minerals. Desalination is used on many ships and submarines that are traveling around the globe. Water is the main life sustaining resource for humans. Water is colorless and tasteless. Sometimes people joke about smelling the ocean breeze, but otherwise, it has no smell either. Water can be in all 3 states: gaseous, liquid and solid. Here is the process of water state exchange:

Waters freezing point is 0°c and melting point is 100°c. The traditional process used in distillation is vacuum distillation basically the boiling of water at less than atmospheric pressure and as a result a much lower temperature than normal. Distillation is a very expensive process, so people use eco distillations. Eco distillation is a process called Solar distillation. Solar desalination is a technique to desalinate water using solar energy. Distillation processes can also occur in the nature. The formation of sea ice is also a process of desalination. When water in the ocean freezes, salt is removed from it, even though a small amount of salt is still stuck in gthe ice. ‘’Seabirds distill seawater using countercurrent exchange in a gland with a rete Mirabelle.’’ Willow trees and reeds are known to take away salt and some minerals, successfully desalinating the water. ‘’The most important users of desalinated water are in the Middle East, (mainly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain), which uses about 70% of worldwide capacity, and in North Africa (Libya and Algeria), which uses about 6% of worldwide capacity.’’ Among...
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