Desalination Plants

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According to the Bible the first desalination experiment was conducted by Moses at the location of Mei Mara in the Sinai desert, where by initiating the introduction of a piece of bitter wood into bitter water Moses turned the formerly bitter fluid into potable water. The first recorded scientific report, chronicling a design for a desalination plant of seawater was produced in print by Thomas Jefferson, the American Secretary of State, in 1791. A directive for the workings of the technology were posted on notice boards in every ship, for use in every emergency. During the Second World War desalination devices were used by the troops of various armies of the world. During the early 1950s, research projects were extensive with the aim of reducing the price of the desalination process. The incorporation of a membrane layer process resulted in a major advancement to the technology. The advancement in living standard during the second half of the 20th century resulted in the outcome of increased water use. The daily water use for families and industry.

Water, in the past has been described as a natural resource, easily accessible and cheap, has now turned into a precious commodity. One of the many reasons are given, the major one being growth of population, wasteful use of water, pollution of available water resources, and climate changes related to global warming. As the third millennium began, we are now involved in a world revolution, researching and setting in place desalination processes at a reasonable cost and continuing research to lower the costs further. This will enable the supply of water, at convenient prices for all, hopefully, especially in residential areas as well as advancement in the quality of life all over the world. Israel water budget in 2001, is between 200 million and 500 million gigalitres, a desalination plant constructed in Ashkelon, would be capable of producing 100 million gigalitres. The importance of the first...
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