Desalination in the Middle East

Topics: Water resources, Water supply, Middle East Pages: 3 (602 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Sample Persuasive Outline using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Desalination in the Middle East
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that desalination in the Middle East as a water supplement is much needed.
I. Attention
 Imagine seeing a small child in the street who is starving. If you don’t help this child obtain nutrition, she will turn to crime to get money for food. You must help her. This child is like the Middle East and its need for water.

II. Need
A. Middle Easterners are currently getting their water from underground aquifers and from area rivers and streams (show visual aid).
B. The existing water supply is dwindling fast. In a 1994 article in Audubon, Bruce Stutz says that the region’s aquifers and rivers are drying out.
C. According to P. J. Vesilind of National Geographic, the area will soon break out in “water wars” because water is now more precious than oil. In the same article in Audubon, Bruce Stutz (1994) says that there can be no peace in the area until the water crisis is solved.

D. As the world’s “police force” and the nation that supplies most of the human power to the United Nations’ operations, the United States may soon be involved in these wars as well. Take, for example, the Persian Gulf War.

(Transition: Now that we see there is such a problem, we need to find a solution.) III. Satisfaction
A. Middle Easterners need more usable water, as well as the technology to clean up existing polluted waters. B. Irwin Ploss and Jonathan Rubinstein of The New Republic said in 1992 that desalination was the only real source of new fresh water in that region.

C. Desalination is like reverse osmosis – it takes out salts and other pollutants. D. The United States has the technology to do this now, and it is improving all the time. Desalination is currently being used in Florida and parts of California to increase water supply. E. The Middle East has the capability and the desire for change – the technology is already being implemented....

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