Topics: Hero, Superman, City of Heroes Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: October 30, 2013
There are heroes everywhere, whether it be in a comic strip, movies, or even in real-life. The fictional heroes we commonly see are full of the usual cliches, but a real hero is someone who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or of nobility. While real-life heroes and fictional heroes share the same mission in saving the day, they differ in terms of abilities they possess, and challenges they may face.

To begin with, fictional heroes and real-life heroes both are on the verge of supporting and saving us in moments of a crisis, but are different with their capabilities. Notably, “Superman”, a well known fictional crime fighter, utilizes his superhuman abilities such as flying, magnificent strength, and laser discharging eyes to fight the wrecked forces of evil. Our heroes in real-life have none of these prowesses, and yet they are able save in the time of an emergency. The tools needed for real-life heroes are courage, determination, and the mindset towards helping in times of a disaster. For instance, a real-life teacher in Germany, risked her life by springing into a 75 feet deep plunge into darkness to save a young boy, without hesitation (luckily water shielded the impact). After enduring 2 hours in a hole stocked with bitterly cold water and supporting a fading child’s life, they both miraculously made it out alive. Clearly, both real-life and fictional heroes go to great lengths to support us with different capabilities.

In addition, real-life heroes and fictional heroes both endure many challenges, but these challenges differ in type. Generally, fiction is fiction! Fictional heroes undertake challenges that in real-life, we consider as the unthinkable. Maybe that’s why the fictional heroes are more exciting. For example, one of Superman’s duties is to stop colossal sized meteors from colliding into Earth with his superhuman abilities. In contrast, real-life heroes, or anyone for that matter can’t ever do such a thing, let a lone survive...
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