Depty Head Girl Letter

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loxylon flammeum, commonly known as the Queensland tree waratah or red silky oak, is a medium-sized tree of the family Proteaceae found in the Queensland tropical rain forests. It has shiny green elliptical leaves up to 18 cm (7.2 in) long, and prominent orange-red inflorescences that appear from August to October, followed by rectangular woody seed pods that ripen in February and March. Juvenile plants have large (up to 25 cm (10 in) long) deeply lobed pinnate leaves. Previously known as Oreocallis wickhamii, the initial specimen turned out to be a different species to the one cultivated and hence a new scientific name was required. Described formally in 1991, A. flammeum was designated the type species of the genus Alloxylon. Alloxylon flammeum is a canopy or emergent tree of the Mabi rainforest community of north Queensland. It is readily adaptable to cultivation, and prefers a site with good drainage. The tree's terminal tubular flowers indicate that the species is pollinated by birds. It is listed nationally as vulnerable under the Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 as most of its habitat has been cleared for agriculture and logging. (Full article...)

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Artist reconstruction of Anzu wyliei
... that a new dinosaur (pictured) discovered in North and South Dakota has been nicknamed the "chicken from hell"? ... that in her seventies, María Nieves was dancing the tango in the West End in 2010? ... that if you killed your parents in ancient Rome, you might be sewn into a leather sack with a monkey, a rooster, a dog and a snake? ... that on March 5, the Israeli Navy boarded the Klos C cargo ship and found a hidden stash of weapons, which the Israelis accused Iran of shipping to militants in the Gaza Strip? ......
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