Depth Analysis of a Movie – "Chicago"

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Analyzing The Entire Film – "Chicago" (2002)
Understanding movies comes from describing and analyzing the cinematic, theatrical, and literary elements that combine to create meaning. These steps create a basic understanding of the artistic and technical elements found in moviemaking. In addition, the major characteristics of different film genres and classic movies will be analyzed. The purpose of this paper is analyzing the Academy Award winning film Chicago. This paper will describe the six steps that a person should think about when watching a movie. These steps include, (1) analysis of the narrative: story, plot and meaning; (2) theatrical elements, (3) cinematography, (4) editing, (5) sound and the (6) complete package. Analysis of the Narrative: Story, Plot and Meaning

The main characters in this movie are: Renee Zellweger as Roxie Hart. Roxie's roll in this movie was as a person who wants to be in show business and she wants to be loved by people and accepted by all. The only person, who loved her, was her husband, Amos. Amos life was so different from Roxie's. Amos was a quiet man who worked hard and came home and wanted to be with his family. All Roxie cared about was her career. Roxie loved to be on stage and have people cheering her name. Without that she felt dead. She could not see herself-doing a blue collar job. Hence, Roxie felt that she was born to be a star. Roxie was one that liked to be the head person in every story. Roxie hated to be second best, and she would do whatever it took even if it mean killing a person or having sex with someone, whether boyfriend or husband. When Velma told Roxie Hart she had a good idea or a plan to move up to the top Roxie would take that idea and use it and move herself up the ladder. Catherine Zeta-Jones portrayed Velma Kelly; Ms. Kelly was good on the stage and she was beautiful as well as having plenty of sex appeal. When men in town knew that Velma Kelly was performing, the club would sell out. Velma could sing and dance. She was the hottest babe around, until the one night, Velma finished performing and came home to find her sister and her husband in bed together. Velma Kelly saw them in bed and she went and got her gun and shot and killed them both. Kelly was in prison awaiting trial for the killings. John C. Kelly portrayed Amos Hart. Amos was a man who just wanted to go to work and make a good living and see to his family. Amos was not one of those people who follow the crowd. Amos had big love for Roxie Hart. She was the only woman that he ever loved. He would give his life for Roxie Hart, even though Roxie killed a man with whom she was having sexual relations. Amos spent all of his life-saving and even worked over-time and other jobs to free the women he loved so much. Amos wanted the slow and easy life. Roxie wanted the fast and loud life. It is obvious that this couple were complete opposite. The most colorful character in the movie was Mama; played by Queen Latifah. Mama was a prison guard. Whatever the prisoners needed Mama had it or knew how to get it. Mama was one of the sexiest women in the movie. Mama is considered a triple threat, beauty, smarts and a singer. Mama knew how to keep the prisoners in line. Mama has a soft spot for Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart. She likes Roxie because she was young and she knew that by herself she had no chance of getting out. She needed someone wiser, like Mama, to help guide her. Velma Kelly was able to be on the same level as Mama because they had good understanding of each other. Velma and Mama are partners in crime. Velma would do the crime in jail and Mama would cover it up. Richard Gere played Billy Flynn. Billy Flynn was a big time attorney, who never lost a case. Billy was great at his job. He knew how to work on peoples' sympathy. For some of the most notorious cases Mr. Flynn defended, he would make the jury believe his clients were angels. If a defendant could afford the $5000 they had Mr....

References: Boggs, J.M. &. Petrie, D.W. (2004) The art of watching films. McGraw-Hill, New
York, NY.
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