Depression in the Elderly

Topics: Ageing, Death, Medicine Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Depression in the Elderly
Depression is a common but not a normal mental condition. It is treatable and can get better over time; but if not given immediete attention, it can lead to suicide. Depression depends on each individual, but almost one-third of the elderly population suffers from this mental condition. There are many factors that cause depression in the elderly. From the video "Maturing and Aging", somewhere in our 60's we begin moving out of the center stage of society where we are no longer having major responsibilities. We have the possibilty of enjoying life more. We also have the hazzard of becoming irrelevant. Isolation is a factor that can cause depression in any individual. Humans are made to interact with eachother. Most people who experience isolation are elders who are either residing by themselves or in nursing homes. Families rarely visit them because they are either too busy or too far away. Isolation also causes elders to question their dignity and worth. They tend to feel useless and lose their purpose. We should spend time and cherish that time with our elders because they might not be around for long. We should assure our elders that they are not alone. We should value their spirit and admire their character to let them know that they are important and respected. Aging and medical illnesses can also cause depression. As people grow into the elderly age, their bodies weaken and become more prone to medical illnesses. Therefore, the abilities of elders become limited and they are not able to do things that they used to which is a difficult change in life. Regular excercise is always healthy for any individual. We should encourage elders to excercise regularly to prevent aging and medical illnesses from worsening. There are many ways to prevent our elders from experiencing depression. We can plan activities together that can be benefitial for all such as excercising. We can reminisce with our elders and might even discover more about...
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