Depression Causual Analysis

Topics: Causality, Family, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Kyaca Hatcher
Professor Lewis
GSTR 110/150
11 October 2012
Causal Analysis Essay

There are many people that are suffering from a medical condition known as depression. Depression could be caused by the loss of a loved one, conflict with family members, and abuse. It can also be caused by other things including isolation, changing jobs, moving to a new environment, etc. Most of the time, it is not the persons fault that they received the diagnosis. These things that are listed above can be causes a person fall in the stages of depression.

Depression can be caused by loss of a loved one. When a person dies and there’s a family member and/or friend who they are close with, those family members and/or friends may take it very hard. They may began to miss the feeling of that person being there with them. The person that died, that family member and/or friend may have talked to that person everyday about everything. So, going from talking to a person every day to not talking to that person at all, it could be a very hard transition. In addition, the person who died may have also been this family member and/or friend’s only friend. Now, because that person is dead, they may no longer have any friends. Because they do not have any friends, this may cause them to feel lonely and isolated from the world, which would eventually lead him/her into depression.

I mentioned at the top that conflict with family members could also be a cause for depression. Could you image how a teenager feels when they fall out with their parents? What if it was not the parents, but the mom or dad’s girlfriend/boyfriend? I give these examples because in the city that I am from there are a lot of conflicts that go on like so. My friend went under depression because she got into an argument with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend. Because of these arguments, my friend would come to my house almost every day in tears and said that she as if she did not have a mom. She then moved with her...

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