Depression Case Studies

Topics: Case study, Interpersonal relationship, Grief Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: February 21, 2015

1. Which one of these case studies would you suspect to be most likely suffering from depression? Case Study 3

2. What information in the case study might lead you to this conclusion? Theo has been down for quite some time and is stuck in that place. He doesn’t seem to be getting sufficient help or support from the people in around him to be able to turn his life around. Theo doesn’t want to burden his friends or his family with his problems and feelings, and therefore have shut them out.

3. Read the information in the table below about risk and protective factors for youth depression. What risk and protective factors are evident in the three case studies presented above? Discuss. Case Study 1:

Colin has positive personal relationships, good social connections and a well functioning family since his friends took the time and effort to get together and organize a night out for him. He also sat down with his father to talk about the break up.

Case Study 2:
Although Jen had been bursting into tears every time she thought about her recently deceased grandmother, she has good social connectedness and effective coping skills which have helped her in coping with the grief and loss that she is experiencing.

Case Study 3:
It is evident that Theo has poor self-control and poor social competence, since he is unable to dig himself out of the ‘hole’ that he is currently in. He refuses to talk to any of his friends or family about his current situations and feelings, in fear of being a burden.
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