Deped Orders No Homework

Topics: Present, Time, Future Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: September 11, 2011
DepEd ordered, “No home works during weekends” for public elementary schools. It was said that teachers of public elementary schools must not give home works during weekend to their pupils. The time will be given for the pupils to rest and to spend and enjoy it with their family. But the question is, “Will they spend their weekend wisely?” There are many things these days that hinder the students in studying. One is the internet. Although it helps many of us, still there are some disadvantages.

Children nowadays are very fun of using computers. Many young children are spending their leisure time using the computer, playing games, chatting with friends, watching movies, downloading songs, etc. Even some poor people have invested computers with internet connection in their houses. Internet connection has so many advantages but at the same time provides disadvantages as well.

Regarding DepEd’s order, many parents are uneasy since they want their children to learn and do school works at home for them to remember their lessons. Many are also bothered since at the present time, even young children are entertained of playing computer games and using internet. In fact, internet is really a good source of information since it works faster and unlike using the library, with just one click, the information you are looking for will already appear. But sometimes it does not provide reliable and accurate informations.

For the young ones, technology also provided something for them. Young children are entertained with games and even spend their time playing in computer instead of studying. Some are not eating just to save their money for computer games and some pupils make research work an alibi just to play computer games at the computer shop.

I personally have an account in Facebook and I also have many friends who are still in elementary. Whenever I am online late at night, like 10 or 11 pm, I can still see some of my friends who are still in elementary who are...
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