Departmental Store

Topics: Report, Subgroup, Purchase order Pages: 18 (3306 words) Published: July 11, 2013
❖ PROJECT : Junior ERP Package


❖ JrERP Software is targeted towards ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Large Scale Company base Reporting & Management Purpose. ❖ We are developing software as per once requirement. This is a sample brochure of currently running software. Any requirement shall be addable in the Software. Unnecessary can be deleteabe from the Software. ❖ At present this MMS Software is running well at various premises since many years.

❖ Menu Driven & very user friendly.
❖ Software Divided in Store / Purchase / Account Module.
❖ A Store Department has authority for Item Master Maintenance. A Store Dept. Head know the Details / Specification / Description of Material as he is in touch with Material. ❖ A Purchase Department has authority for Supplier Master Maintenance. A Purchase Dept. Head know the Details of Supplier like his Company Name / Address / Contact Person Name / Phone Nos. etc. ❖ Maintenance is mean by Creation of New Master, Amendments in Master, Deletion of Master etc. ❖ Some Reports are confidential for individual Department like Accounts Payment Reports is confidential & not shareable among Store & Purchase Division. While Supplier wise issued PO is shareable for all Divisions. Hence whole Store Module is viewable by Purchase & Accounts. A Purchase Module is viewable by Store & Accounts. An Account Module is not viewable by Any Division. ❖ MASTER MENU FEATURE :

❖ Master Functions consist maximum details coverage of single Master in various fields. ❖ Master Functions consist Group wise Maintenance & Reporting.

❖ Current Stock, Minimum Level, Shortage etc.display at all entry. ❖ On Fly Creation of New Master for Item / Supplier etc. available at Entry Timing. ❖ Each Print Format has option for Re-Print Module for Single / Number Range / Date Range / Supplier wise / Item wise / Job wise / Department wise etc. ❖ Item wise Description five lines at entry timing for mentioning proper Identification / Description of Material like Part No. / Serial No. / Make / Brand / Condition of Material etc. ❖ Overall Entry wise Description two lines at each entry for mentioning proper description of each entry.

❖ Single Report have many options for YES/NO, many styles for various format for Normal Style or Detailed Style ❖ Each Master Menu has Listing Reports.
❖ All Masters Selection option available with direct master & through group. Likewise in Items selection options: All Items-Alphabetical / Selective Items / Items Range ( / All Item Super Groups-Alphabetical / Selective Item Super Groups / All Item Sub Groups-Alphabetical / Selective Item Sub Groups etc. options. ❖ Various Analysis Reports for More than One Angles for Registers / Summaries like Supplier wise & Item wise, Item wise & Department wise etc. ❖ All Reports have multi Selection of Masters like Suppliers / Items / Departments etc. ❖ Zero Suppress Filter Value Report for Zero Suppress Filter Report. ❖ Exporting option at each report to Export Report in XLS Format ❖ Each ISO Reports / Formats Print individual Document No. ❖ REPORT CONFIGURATION (AVAIL AT EACH REPORT) :

❖ No. of Copies to Print Multiple Copies of Same Report
❖ Company / Address Name Print : Yes / No
❖ Paper Length (No. of Lines)
❖ Page Numbering : Yes / No
❖ Print Reporting Date & Time : Yes / No
❖ Report Sub Title
❖ Printer Mode (Size of Fonts) : 10 / 12 / 17 / 20
❖ Actual Print Starting from Page No.:
❖ Report Footer Lines (5 Lines)

❖ Month End Process at Utility for Monthly Ending Process ❖ Multi Years Continuity for viewing previous year history ❖ CD Backup of data
❖ Password Change
❖ Shut Down

❖ Locking of Data Entries to lock Entries. (Protection for Addition,...
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