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Proposal to: Mayor and Chief Medical Officer

Proposal Title: Nursing Care Center

By Riverview Nursing Care Center Departmental Development Steering Committee Daniela Riggio, Nursing Director
Kimerlie Cutright, Physical Therapy Director
Jeff Fox, Laboratory Services Director
October 11, 2013

Please accept this proposal for the new Riverview Hospital Nursing Care Center. Key healthcare directors have contributed to this plan. Each director’s perspective is shared as related to his/her department. The following pages of this proposal contain their ideas and touch on the following considerations for the planning of this new facility: 1.The specific department services provided

2.How nursing care center services coordinate with the services the hospital provides 3.How nursing care center departments interact and coordinate with each other to provide efficient and effective care 4.Potential grants to assist with funding the nursing care center project 5.How departments demonstrate consideration and application of the nursing care center code of ethics Executive Summary

Riverview Hospital is an established acute care organization with a proven track record of dedication in providing the highest quality of health and well-being to the community. The objectives of Riverview Hospital in this proposal are to establish and maintain strategic alliances and partnerships with patients and healthcare providers in the community, to mutually contribute to exceeding the expectations of patients and to promote the growth, strength and success of Riverview Nursing Care Center. Creating a complete health care solution, Riverview Hospital is committed to providing quality, service excellence and patient-centered care in the most ethical manner possible for all patients at Riverview Nursing Care Center. The key points identified in this proposal are critical in developing a successful partnership and serving the needs of the community.

All departments at Riverview Hospital will establish effective programs to provide services to Riverview Nursing Care Center in a manner that is consistent with state, federal and other regulatory agencies. The departments will have an on-site presence at the nursing care center, providing a qualified, competent and caring staff members to accomplish the mutual goals of the partnership. Staff will actively contribute to the healing, care and treatment plans of all patients served by Riverview Nursing Care Center, in the highest sense of respect and reverence. In the partnership, Riverview Hospital will maintain highly competent staff to deliver individualized, goal-directed care for each patient.

The department directors will manage and uphold all quality initiatives, with routine reporting to the leadership team at Riverview Nursing Care Center. The directors will seek opportunities for improvement, engaging the participation of all staff and management to develop baseline data sets. Service delivery, timeliness and efficiency of care will be continuously measured to support and encourage improvement. Identified opportunities for improvement will be acted on as necessary to achieve the desired outcomes in the best interest of the patients and the organizations.

Despite the challenges of managing psychiatric patients, with modest training, Riverview Nursing Care Center can safely manage a broader range of situations. Riverview hospital has established a multidisciplinary task force to detect patients at admission who might be disturbed enough to cause harm. The hospital’s psychiatrists are also working with Riverview Nursing Care Center Nursing Department to develop protocols for handling distressed patients. “We take care of the acute episode if it is within our realm, but there has to be psychiatric backup if that level of expertise is required.”(Darves, Bonnie, 2008)

Riverview hospital has an established and well-organized emergency operations plan that can be...

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