Department of "Corrections?"

Topics: Prison, Time, Ice cream Pages: 4 (1530 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Jeremy Kime
English: 1060 55
Instructor: Jess Koski
Narrative/Descriptive Essay

Department of “Corrections?”
(Does the U.S. Prison System really rehabilitate people? In my opinion, Yes.) Here in the United States Of America, people tend to have different opinions of our justice system. Does it really work? Does our justice system really correct and rehabilitate the inmates who serve time in our correctional facilities? Some even ask the question, does it make a person even worse? Back in 2007 I unfortunately got to find out for myself. In my opinion, our justice system can do both, depending on the individual incarcerated and whether or not they are ready to make a change to better their life. In my case, it was a huge eye opening experience that was more than enough to make me want to make a change and become a better person. As a kid growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, I was always very rebellious and constantly getting into some kind of mischief. I always pushed my limits with what I could and couldn’t get away with. From as early as I can remember I was always pushing my parent’s buttons. When I was three years old, outside our home were little cactuses growing around the side of the house. My parents always warned me to not touch the cactuses because the thorns would poke me and I would get hurt. One day while I was outside bouncing my bouncy ball waiting on the ice cream truck to circle down our block, the ball took a funny bounce of the carport and landed over in the cactuses beside the house. As I ran towards the ball, as if I were shot out of a cannon, wanting to get my ball and get back around the front of the house quickly to not miss the ice cream truck, I saw the cactuses. Instantly I could hear my parent’s voices in my head yelling, “Don’t ever touch the cactuses, you will get hurt!” I looked at one of the cactuses with its needles poking out of it like an angry porcupine and without fear, completely ignoring my parent’s...
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