Topics: Pregnancy, Mother, Miscarriage Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Teratogens are substances or other different factors that can cause congenital abnormalities. These results are then categorized as called birth defects. Usually these abnormalities arise in the third to eighth weeks of pregnancy. This is the time when the major organ systems are forming. Some Examples of teratogens include certain types of chemicals, medications, and infections or other diseases in the mother (About Kids Health 2014). According to the Women’s Health Initiative, women exposed to second hand smoke has shown significant risk of an adverse pregnancy. Fathers who smoke around pregnant mothers are putting their unborn children at risk. The results can lead to a miscarriage, stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy. The effects on the baby depends on the mother’s exposure to the smoke. Women’s Health Initiative reports a range of 17% to 61% depending on the outcome. When pregnant, it is imperative that mothers are concerned with their surroundings. Second hand smoke from the father or someone else can still be harmful to the baby. As a parent, I don’t allow smoking in my house. This was especially true when I was pregnant with my children. Even the chemicals one they settle in the air, I’m still weary of how harmful it can be. The best way to handle this situation is to be cautious and use responsible judgment. . When your textbook describes public speaking as a form of empowerment, it means that public speaking is a way to a. manipulate people.

b. make a difference in something we care about.
c. make everyone see things through our frame of reference. d. demonstrate how clever we are.
e. support ethnocentrism.
2.According to your textbook, the knowledge, experience, goals, values, and attitudes through which each listener filters a message is called the listener’s a. personal screen.
b. sphere of values.
c. attitudinal core.
d. frame of reference.
e. psychological field.
3. True or False: Ethnocentrism is the belief that...
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