Topics: Biology, Chemistry, Molecular biology Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: May 7, 2013
College Mathematics 1. Required: Math. Two semesters, minimum, college algebra (Math 112) and trigonometry (Math 113) 2. Recommended: Math 221 (Calculus and Analytic Geometry) or Math 211 (Calculus) or equivalent and statistics. Your major may also have specific math requirements. Chemistry 1. General chemistry (choose one of these four sequences): a) Chemistry 103-104 (General Chemistry) b) Chemistry 109 (General and Analytical Chemistry) and Chemistry 311 c) Chemistry 109 plus Chemistry 327 or 329 d) Chemistry 115-116 (Chemical Principles) 2. Organic Chemistry (all courses required at most dental schools): a) Chemistry 343 (Introductory Organic Chemistry) b) Chemistry 344 (Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab) c) Chemistry 345 (Intermediate Organic Chemistry) Biological Science Choose one of these two course tracks: 1. General Track a) Biology 151-152 (Introductory Biology, cross-listed as Zoology 151-152) or b) Zoology 101-102* (Animal Biology) * If you take Zoology 101-102, we strongly recommend that you also take Botany 130 to complement this course.

Plus Intermediate/Advanced Biology: At least one semester of lecture with one semester of lab is required. If you are a non-science major or wish to strengthen your biology background and record, you would do well to take at least two of these courses: a) Zoology 430 (Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates) b) Zoology 466 (General Genetics) c) Zoology 611-612 (Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology) d) Biochemistry 501** (Introduction to Biochemistry) or e) Biomolecular Chem 503 or f) Biochemistry 507-508 (General Biochemistry) g) Physiology 335 h) Statistics 541. ** may be required Please consult your pre-dental advisor regarding selection of these and/or other upper-level biological/physical sciences. Individual dental schools may have additional options. Rev. 05/07 1

2. Biology Core (Biocore) Curriculum Track a) Biocore 301-302 ***(Evolution, Ecology and Genetics...
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