Dental Roentgenology
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Basic Terminology Radiation - A form of energy carried by waves or stream of particles (photons)

X-radiation - A high-energy radiation produced by the collision of a beam of electrons with a metal target in an x-ray tube

High-energy Radiation - A form of radiation that is able to pass through substances (e.g. the human body)

X-ray - A beam of energy that has the power to penetrate substances and record image shadows on photographic film

Radiology - The study of radiation as used in medicine; a branch of medical science that deals with the use of x-rays, radioactive substances and other forms of radiant energy in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Radiograph - A picture on film produced by the passage of x-rays through an object or body

Dental radiograph - A photographic image produced on film by the passage of x-rays through teeth and related structures

Radiography - The art and science of making radiographs by the exposure of film to x-rays

Dental Radiography - The making of radiographs of the teeth and adjacent structures by the exposure of film to x-rays

Dental Radiographer - Any person who positions, exposes, and processes dental x-ray film

Diagnosis - The process of identifying lesions, disease, abnormalities

Uses of Dental Radiographs
1. To detect lesions, diseases and conditions of the teeth and supporting structures that can not be detected clinically
2. To confirm or clarify suspected disease
3. To localize lesions or foreign objects
4. To provide information during dental procedures
5. To evaluate growth and development
6. To illustrate changes secondary to caries, periodontal disease and trauma
7. To document the condition of a patient at a specific time

A) Naturally-Occuring • UV Rays • Terrestrial Radiation – from soil • Cosmic Radiation – airplanes; one of the strongest

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