Dental Hygiene Essay

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March, 1, 2010

Dental Hygiene Assessment
Northampton Community College

1) I heard about the Dental hygiene program at Northampton online, I did a mass search for Dental Hygiene schools is Pa, and thought that Northampton had everything I was looking for in a school.

2) I’ am interested in obtaining a dental hygiene degree, because it is a field that I have grown to love over the years and I would like to be more involved with my patients oral care then just being a chair side assistant. I would like to further my education to become a dental hygienist and to also maybe one day teach dental hygiene in colleges. Both my mother and aunt were dental assistants so oral care has been a big topic in my family since I was a child. Now older and trying to find my own career, I see myself following in their foot steps. The dental field is something that I enjoy and can see myself doing the rest of my life.

3) I plan to make learning my top priority because it is already all that I know. I have accomplished a lot at a very young age and I did not get to where I’ am without hard work and dedication to my studies. I’ am very disciplined and even though I have had to work tremendously to even put myself through school, I still manage to make the deans list every semester and maintain my grades. I know many college students get off track and party and just try and be 20, 21, 22 but I have taught my self that those fun and games will come later, right now it’s about school graduating and obtaining a career.

4) I believe my personal attributes and professional behaviors will assist in my role as a dental hygiene student, because as stated before I’ am very disciplined, determined, solely motivated and eager; those qualities will help me conquer any obstacle I’ am up against as a student. I have worked with dental patients before and know how to speak with them, to calm them down, to reassure them, educate them and serve them. I

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