Dental Clinic Profiling System

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A System Study Presented to:
Ms. Venus Papilota Diaz

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
Communications in IICT

Candy Mae A. Juala

March 2013

The coming into being of the West Visayas State University (WVSU) dates back to 1924 when it became an independent and distinct teacher training institution known as the Iloilo Normal School (INS). However, its birth can be traced back as early as 1902 when it was opened as a tributary normal school with secondary school instruction. In 1916, it was a secondary school complete with elementary and training departments. It was only, however, in 1924, with the completion of its main building (now Quezon Hall) and the laboratory school building when INS became a distinct educational institution itself. The year likewise, became a kickoff point for more established secondary normal school program, which eventually became a two-year collegiate training program and still later in 1952 a four year normal college course. The WVSU infirmary is an outpatient facility which caters to health needs of the WVSU community at the main and external campuses. It answers the needs of students for medical and dental treatment, pre-enrolment medical examination of new students and medical clearance prior to cultural and sports competitions. It also provides the faculty and non-teaching personnel medical and dental outpatient services, annual physical examination and health education needs.

The business of the dental clinic provides a suitable service to the West Visayas State University. Each dentist has their own specialty skills that vary with each patient. Dentists provide instruction on diet, proper brushing, flossing, the use of fluorides, and other aspect of dental care/ Check-ups, treatments; cleaning, tooth filling, tooth extraction, mouth examination, and prophylaxis have no charges.

Only campus students, staff and faculty are allowed to have treatment inside the dental clinic. The WVSU dental clinic is committed to enhance optimum dental health by providing high quality dental services to students, faculty and staff of the university.

The corporate objectives of this study includes the following: (1) to provide optimum assistance to students, faculty and staff in promoting their well-being; (2) to enable the students to study effectively, free from dental afflictions; and (3) to develop dental consciousness on students and to inculcate in them preventive measure to be able from dental malady.

The main objectives of the study is: (1) to develop a search module; (2) to create a database for storing patients record; (3) to create a database to manage and maintain old patients records; and (4) to create a light-weight program hat will not overload and put pressure on the client’s computer.

The coverage of the study is about the campus Dental Clinic Patient Profiling System. It aims to implement, develop and design a new system that will improve and automate the current system. The study covers in developing a search module to fasten the browsing of old patient’s record, to use database for storing new patient’s record, and to maintain and update the old patient’s record. Assessment of the Current System

Overview of the current system
The current system is in manual operation where the assistant has many tasks to perform, like recording and updating patients' chart.
In the current system the new patient must fill out a temporary form and hand it to the assistant where the form will serve as information to fill out the new patient chart and index card.
The index card contains an OR number and a patient’s name. This will be a guide to search for the patient’s chart. The chart contains the patient’s information, treatment record and OR number.
In updating old patient’s chart, the assistant will look for their index card through names. Then the OR number of...
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