Density Lab

Topics: Volume, Density, Length Pages: 3 (646 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Ashley Robins
Honors Chemistry
Period 4
Density Lab
1. To determine the density of a solid using different laboratory techniques for measuring volume. 2. To use the intensive property of density to identify an unknown substance.

1. Obtain a bag marked with a number containing a cube and a cylinder from the teacher. Record the number on the bag in the data table.

Density of a cube:
Using a balance, record the mass of the cube to the nearest tenth of a gram. Then measure the length, width and height of the cube to the nearest hundredth of a cm. Last, calculate the volume of a cube using the formula L x W x H.

Density of a cylinder by water displacement:
Using a balance, record the mass of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a gram. Then fill a graduated cylinder of water about half full. Record the volume to the nearest tenth of a mL. After that you carefully drop the cylinder in the graduated cylinder and record the new volume of water to the nearest tenth of a mL. The last thing you do is subtract the volume of the water you had at the beginning from the volume of water you had after adding the cylinder. This number is the volume of your cylinder.


Cube Cylinder Mass of cube:10.4g Mass of cylinder: 29.1g Length of cube:2.50cm Volume of water before adding: 49.0mL Width of cube:2.50cm Volume of water after adding: 52.0mL Height of cube:2.50cm Volume of cylinder: 3.0mL Density of cube:.693g/cm3 Density of cylinder: 9.7g/cm3

This lab is meant to teach you how to use certain lab instruments and how to find the density of objects by using water displacement. It is also supposed to teach you how to determine what an object is by finding its density. Some important terms in this lab are water...
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